Wednesday , 26 July 2017

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Just what I thought – Bar Harbor the second

For those three or four people who read last week’s column about bar Harbor, I had talked about not being down there yet this year. Well, my wife decided we should go down. She had not read my column but though the art of mental telepathy, she seemed to come up with the idea. So, the next day after I ... Read More »

Just what I thought – Bar Harbor

We haven’t been to Bar Harbor this year…yet. There are very few years that I didn’t go down there. Since I was little, I have visited the island I once called my paradise. I don’t know if I would call it that today, but it is still an enjoyable trip and certainly a trip down memory lane. My father grew ... Read More »

Just what I thought – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I was watching TV last week, which is on par for my usual exciting life, and I saw fiver different people wearing a Beatle’s T-Shirt. Five. I thought, now that’s something. This band hasn’t been a band for over 40 years and yet people still listen to them and wear clothing with their pictures on them. There’s John, intellectual and ... Read More »

Just what I thought – Don’t ask me why

I always enjoy the white-knuckle ride on I-95 from the Hogan Road to the just south of Bangor, or back along the same route. Driving along through these few miles really tests your driving skills and heart. At almost every entrance ramp, there are always a few “drivers” who tear onto the highway without looking or with a casual glance ... Read More »

Just what I thought – Accessibility laugh ability

Since our son has been in a wheel chair, we have entered a whole new world as far as being able to do things and go places. I wrote a column a few years back on the problems we and other wheel chair bound people must face while out and about. Not much has changed since that column. Visit most ... Read More »

Just what I thought – Fast forward

We went to the movies in Bangor the other day. The movie finally came on the screen after 15 minutes of commercials. Then, there were four previews. The movie length listed in the paper and on the extremely difficult to read sign out front, stated the movie was an hour and 55 minutes long. Now, these times come in handy ... Read More »

Just what I thought – Guns

More mass killings by nut jobs. More gun related domestic violence and gun related murders. Each week it seems, we hear or read about another case of gun violence. Along with these events comes the usual hyperbole from the NRA and the opposing view from the people wanting to ban guns. It’s too bad these individuals committing single or mass ... Read More »

Just what I thought – The real Boston Tea Party

I love history. Not what you find in most movies and even most text books, but the real stuff. When I worked in Boston, I learned the “real story” about the Boston Tea Party. It’s not quite what you think or may have heard. Did you know wealthy smugglers set the whole thing up? Let’s start with the 1765 Stamp ... Read More »

Just what I thought – Horses and roads

Horses There was a bit of a flap a while ago and a few jokes brought forth regarding Ann Romney’s horse. For those of you smart enough to not watch anything regarding the current presidential and local races, Ann is the wife of Mitt Romney. Who is Mitt Romney? Who cares. Anyway, the story and jokes revolved around kids who ... Read More »

Best of Just what I thought – Let there be light

Our light bulbs are in danger! Yes, the old fashioned incandescent light bulb will soon be gone from stores near you if the feds have their way. President Bush stupidly signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. This “law” states that the old bulbs we use and love and those originated by Thomas Edison are “low-efficiency” and therefore ... Read More »