Wednesday , 18 January 2017

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Right-Minded, But Left Of Center – Summer Reading

John Clark

You might have noticed that I’m not writing as much these days. Several things are responsible for the lowered output. First off, I’m so doubtful that anything I do write will have any effect on the political landscape, it’s hard to generate any outrage over the continuing fiascoes in Augusta and Washington. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still disgusted with ... Read More »

Right-Minded, But Left Of Center – Change


CHANGE IS POSSIBLE: It’s not quite 8 in the morning on a chill, but sunny Tuesday, the 2nd day of April. Yesterday was the first April Fools Day I haven’t tried to trick folks in ages. Since the print version of the paper went away, that killed my main venue for major pranksterism. The fact that it was a rainy ... Read More »

Right-Minded, But Left Of Center – Hope Springs Eternal

John Clark

Followup on the lady I wrote about last time. She returned two days later, spent another couple hours fighting with the application and finally completed it. It was less than ten minutes later she received a phone call from the person who was doing the hiring. I haven’t seen her since, but she felt pretty optimistic about her chances. I ... Read More »

Right-Minded, But Left Of Center – A Good Rant

John Clark

This is an open letter to everyone involved with hiring people as well as to those good folks looking for a job. I need to share an experience from this week that opened my eyes immensely. A woman who I know to be level-headed and very reliable asked for assistance in applying for a job with a Maine healthcare provider. ... Read More »

Right-Minded, But Left Of Center – Jackman

Overall view of New York as seen from Jackman

I’m in Jackman for the weekend, enjoying great food and interesting people while Beth participates in a university retreat. I’ll admit, the idea of going to Jackman on the coldest weekend in years didn’t thrill me, but experience has taught me that many, many experiences that, at first glance, aren’t appealing, become worthwhile if I approach them with two things; ... Read More »

Right-Minded, But Left Of Center – I’m Back

John Clark

I’m back on an irregular basis. Oddly enough, I stopped checking my Gmail account after the newspaper folded. A couple weeks ago, I decided I better see what was in there in case I won something and lo and behold, there were a couple messages relating to this column, so here I am again, none the worse for wear. The ... Read More »

Right-Minded, but left to center – Timeless bits

John Clark

In the ‘you have to see it to believe it’ category, we have the Charlie Summers campaign sign in Hartland. While Mr. Summers has numerous such signs on supporter’s lawns in town, this one is 75 feet in from the highway on the access road to Pine Grove Cemetery. I’m not sure if Mr. Summers is conceding that his chances ... Read More »

Right minded, but left of center – Pellets From Poe

John Clark

I’m not a diversity freak, but appreciate the richness that various cultures, ethnic backgrounds, hobbies, etc. bring to daily life. Frankly, most folks are not particularly different once you take time to know them. When I was a kid, I remember the shock of learning that my classmate, Nancy Simmons was catholic. It was right up there with seeing black ... Read More »

Right minded, but left of center – Qualifications for office

John Clark

Today’s paper says Angus has a 12 point lead. I had intended to castigate Charlie Summers for a demonstrated lack of testosterone and gray matter after listening to that crappy double-barreled attack ad run by the republican national organization-the one that smears (well it tries to) both Angus and Deborah Dill in the same TV/radio spot with innuendos that are ... Read More »

Right-minded, but left of center – Headlines

John Clark

Several headlines in today’s paper compete for my attention. First off, we have an allegation of test manipulation by an assistant school superintendent. Then we have a story about the sharp increase in tax liens in midcoast towns, with Union leading the way. (Note: my sister and I jointly own 3.5 acres in Union with no buildings and pay about ... Read More »