Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Business Profile

Local Business Spotlight: Leighton’s Stove Shop

Leighton’s Stove Shop in Lincoln celebrated their first year in business recently, and this week I finally got an opportunity to stop in and check out their store. They are located on Flemming Street, and I pass by the shop almost daily on my way to the Post Office, but had never taken the time to stop in. The business ... Read More »

Local Business Spotlight: Globe Printing

I finally got an opportunity to stop in and talk with Candee McCready of Globe Printing on Tuesday. I first met Candee and her two daughters Anah and Bonnie a few months ago at a Lincoln Referral Group meeting, and have been meaning to stop in and see the business ever since. They are located right below the center of ... Read More »

There’s a new business in town…

MILLINOCKET – “I found that there was a need for another nail tech …” started off Amanda Pelletier when asked why she chose to open her new nail and tanning salon in Millinocket. “There are a lot of weddings in the area – people who live here and people who come home to get married. Now there is no need ... Read More »

Mallet family operates 4th generation lumber mill

LEE – The day starts with the rhythmic hum of the generator used to power the equipment. Next comes the high pitched whirring of the saw as it comes up to speed. Then, as the cutting starts, the sound of the saw blade ebbs and flows as the blade makes its way through the logs that are being converted to ... Read More »

Biz Profile – Susen Photography

“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.” – Tennessee Williams Exploring Lincoln has been running for almost a year now, and in that time I have taken a lot of photographs. I bought my camera (a Nikon d5100 for those of you who wonder) a day ... Read More »

Small Biz Profile – The Yard Sale

Rather than profile a single business this week, I’ve decided to talk about a seasonal industry that flourishes each year in our area: The Yard Sale. The 2012 season is just kicking off, and people all across the Penobscot Valley are gearing up for their weekly shopping excursions. Yard Sale-ers (Sailors?) range from the casual browser to the hard-core hunter/gatherer, ... Read More »

Biz Profile – The Dog Doc

A few weeks ago I wrote about my little dog Zacky and our visit to Salmon Brook Grooming. He recently afforded me the opportunity to visit another local business, and thought I’d give you a run down on how it went. My wife and I have owned many cats in the 19 years we’ve been married, but Zacky is our ... Read More »

Biz Profile – Heaven comes to West Enfield

WEST ENFIELD – Heavenly food that is, courtesy of Mark and Melissa Strang. They will be opening the Divine Cuisine Café on April 30th at the Barnes Brook Golf Course on Route 2 in West Enfield, and will be providing more than just the standard fare. If you have ever had the pleasure of sampling Mark’s food, you know just ... Read More »

Biz Profile – Coldstream Photography

I’m a sucker for an old barn. It could be because I grew up with paintings of them all around my house. My uncle is D. Crosby Brown – the artist who painted the large logging painting in the McDonald’s in Lincoln – and my parents owned quite a few of his paintings that portrayed old homes and barns. Or ... Read More »

Biz Profile – Salmon Brook Grooming

I have a hairy little dog. I know that isn’t a particularly rare attribute for a dog, as almost every breed comes fully equipped with follicles. But my dog (Zaccheus – or Zacky for short) is a Peek-a-Poo, which is a cross between a Pekinese and a Poodle. Why anyone would attempt such a thing I cannot say, but I ... Read More »