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Advertising in Lincoln, Maine

The best way to advertise in the greater Lincoln, Maine area

Why Advertise Here? is the premiere website offering content from the greater Lincoln area. We cover news, sports, business, community events, and also offer a variety of entertaining and engaging features. The website features a clean, professional design, and extensively utilizes social media marketing to bring visitors to our site. The result has been an amazing growth in both website and social media traffic. Over the past 6 months we have had 100,000 visits to the site, with visitors viewing nearly 1.4 million pages of content. And the vast majority of those visitors originated in Maine. At the same time frame our Facebook following has grown to nearly 5000 people liking our page, allowing us to reach over 160,000 people per month with our Facebook posts. All of those people are interested in exploring our area – why not make it easy for them to find your business?

How Can We Help Promote Your Business?

In short – visibility. Our goal is to help our advertisers reach people in the greater Lincoln area with their goods and services. We’ve got the content that keeps people coming back to our site, and we have the tools to help you catch their eye while they are here. Here are some of the ways you can advertise with us:

Banner Ads

500×90 Banner Ad

Exploring Lincoln Ad

300×250 Side Banner Ad

We offer rotating banner ads in multiple locations on our site. We display your ad that links to your website or Facebook page to thousands of local folks as they peruse our extensive collection of popular content.

Why spend money week after week for the same black and white box ad buried among a sea of other black and white box ads? We can help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Enhanced Directory

An enhanced directory listing

We also offer enhanced listings in our Business Directory. We maintain a free directory of over 1000 local businesses broken down into over 200 categories. Each category has Google map integration to help explorers find the goods and services they need. Our categories are indexed by Google, and in many cases rank on the first page of search listings, meaning that when local folks are looking for a business their path to an answer flows through

Paid advertisers appear highlighted, above their competition, at the top of their category pages. Both the listing and their Google map pin contains a link to link to their website. Not only does that give explorers a direct path to their business, it also gives their website better search engine visibility and a stronger search engine rank through a valuable back-link.

Marketplace Posts

The Marketplace is a section on Exploring Lincoln that businesses can use to post their own deals, special events, coupons, and other content. Marketplace posts are readily available from every page on Exploring Lincoln, appearing in a tab on the right side bar and also in the footer of every post. The Marketplace also has a special tab on our Facebook page so that the many users surfing our Facebook page can find advertiser generated content.

The Marketplace App shows prominently on our Facebook page

Marketplace advertisers get a posting account on that allows them to generate their own content as often as they wish. Posts can include photos and links to the business’s e-mail, website, and Facebook page. The Marketplace allows local business to get their content in front of the large volume of visitors on Exploring Lincoln.

Email Specials Advertising

email newsletterDue to our engaging content and social media interaction we have a large body local people who have opted in to our newsletter and contest mailing lists, with more people signing up all the time. Starting in March of 2013 Exploring Lincoln will be sending out weekly specials from area businesses along with our newsletter to those who have subscribed. Email Specials advertisers will have the opportunity to reach those folks who are actively engaged with our content each week to promote their deals, coupons, and specials. Rather than waiting for someone to surf to your site or page to see your specials, through our mailing list your business can get your deals delivered to their inbox.

So What Does It Cost?

Less than you might think. Our desire is to give you the best bang for your advertising dollar, so we are setting our rates low enough so that any business can afford them. For less than the cost of a 1-inch box in the local newspaper you can run an ad on that allows people to click through directly to your website or email. Ads are purchased by the month, with discounts for six and twelve month listings. As we roll out additional content and features we expect our traffic to continue to grow, which means that the longer your ad campaign goes, the better value it is! Here are our packages:

2013 Advertising Rates




Business Directory Listing
  • Top of category positioning in highlighted box
  • Enhanced business listing with links & graphics
  • Increased search engine visibility




Sidebar Advertising  + Directory
  • All Business Directory Listing features
  • Rotating 300×250 pixel ads in sidebar and on posts




Top Banner  & Sidebar Advertising + Directory
  • All Sidebar Advertising features
  • Rotating 500×90 pixel ad at top of site




Marketplace Posting Advertising
  • All Top Banner Advertising features
  • Marketplace posting account on Exploring Lincoln
  • Increased Facebook visibility




Email Specials Advertising
  • Access to opt-in local audience
  • Ability to change content weekly




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