Wednesday , 21 February 2018

The Hollywood Casino In Bangor

Hollywood Casino

An exciting new play for Poker Lovers in Maine

It’s looking pretty promising for the two newly opened casinos as they have surprisingly created new opportunities for the state of Maine. And while Hollywood Casino in Bangor is the only casino that offers live poker tables in our state, this still provides a venue for poker fans to understand the excitement of a poker run and see the benefits that this game is about to offer our community.

It is assumed the game of poker traces its roots from various card games around the world, although that cannot be verified as it is not properly documented. But close to the modern–day version of poker were the card games being played in the United States, specifically in the Mississippi River region, as chronicled by Jonathan H. Green in 1834. It has, since then, become a world-wide gaming event that has produced poker legends like Doyle Brunson, and drawn in large audiences to ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker. And if you are an aspiring player, Betfair Poker Ambassador Elisabeth Hille says the most important assets of a good poker player are patience and observation. “Get to know your players very well before you start taking advantage of their weaknesses,” she explains.

Since the opening of the two state casinos last June 2012, the Maine Gambling Control Board has reported a significant increase in tax revenues. From January to August 2013 alone, the state collected $807,394 in revenue from table games from Hollywood Casino. The revenue is then allocated to different government agencies, particularly in education. Recipients of this budget include the Maine Department of Education, the University of Maine scholarship fund and the Maine Community College System.

These new infrastructures means more job opportunities for Maine. Hollywood Casino has repeatedly conducted job fairs for job seekers hoping to get employed in the entertainment industry. “We are an exciting work environment. We were selected for the 2nd year in a row as one of the best places to work in Maine and we have a really fun environment to work in the entertainment industry” says Scott Welsh, Director of Human Resources at Hollywood Casino.

The Hollywood Casino in Bangor, though still relatively new, has a nice poker room exclusively in Maine offering full casino and hotel service, a view of the race track, and the local gaming feel that reflects the Maine way of life. So ante up!